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             Several years ago, when I was dropping my kids off at their sports practice at a local recreation center, a sign caught my eye. It read, ' you live here (spot on the map) what difference did you make.' That message echoed in me for several years till it took shape in 2012 when the idea to serve fresh home-cooked meals to the needy was born. Since then, we have grown steadily from serving one shelter to 13, providing 78,050 meals and 14,101 pounds of food since we started. 

             The year 2020 had been daunting, but it has only made us more resilient in our efforts to serve the community and work alongside our partners, doing our best to end hunger. We served 8050 meals and 2500 pounds of non-perishables this past year and hope to double our efforts in 2024.

Our young and old volunteers have been our strength and support in all our endeavors, and together, we believe that ‘ Handful of grains is a bowlful of Hope’ to all the people we serve.




Handful of grains, Bowlful of hope
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