• Vandna Kishore

    Mother Theresa’s quote defines my passion for Annapurna and our mission: Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.  

    Promoting wellness by providing basic necessities as food helps reduce human suffering.  What better way to find connectivity with each other and our purpose in life?

    Gratefully, Annapurna allows us a path in this direction.  

    Vandna is a Pharmacist with the Public Health Service/FDA, whose mission is to protect, promote, and advance the health of the nation.  

  • Usha Krishnamurthy

       Usha Krishnamurthy is proud to be part of Annapurna, which provides a great helping hand to the needy folks
    in our local community. She believes that giving food to people is the best service anyone can provide. She works as an IT Project Manager at a  federal agency. When she is not busy feeding  her family, she loves to make jewelry, watch TV and travel with her husband.

  • Suhela Luthra

       Suhela is Vice  President of operations at Privatin consulting LLC, where she is managing finance, accounting and HR for the last 11 years. Before Privatin , Suhela was a Montessori teacher at The Jefferson school in Gaithersbug, MD.  Here she was teaching children ages 3 to 6 years
    She has been involved as a volunteer with Annapurna  for the last few  years.
    Suhela holds a Bachelor  of Arts from the University of Delhi , India. Her interests include reading, traveling and enjoying the outdoors .

  • Hema Ravi

        "Hands that serve are holier than lips that pray" - Sai Baba
    This has been Hema’s creed from the time she was a schoolgirl collecting funds and materials for villagers in rural Uttar Pradesh. She feels blessed to be a part of Annapurna as it has given her the opportunity to continue to serve the needy. Hema is a Senior Director at Hughes Network Systems. She is a Jill of many trades, with interests ranging from music, dance, painting, reading, sewing and traveling.


    Geetha Rangachar

       Geetha Rangachar works as a programmer Analyst at Montgomery College.  She has been volunteering at Annapurna since 2016.. She coordinates donations from her family and friends and is grateful for their support.  In her free time, Geetha enjoys South Indian classical music and gardening.  


    Sharada  Arumugam

       Sharada  feels very fortunate to have been involved with Annapurna and its members since the beginning. She is passionate about fighting world hunger and poverty and feels blessed that Annapurna has given her the opportunity to do just that and to give back to the community. Sharada works as a Senior Accountant with the National Association of Broadcasters. She loves to listen to music, reading, travelling, gardening and spending time with family and friends.

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